"I was looking for a nontraditional team building event where colleagues did not have to be "on." I wanted an atmosphere where they could just relax, have fun, and bond. Well Big Deal Casino delivered!!! Wendy and the staff created such a welcoming, chic, and easy vibe. The dealers were amazing, sharing great tips and teaching the beginners. The team had a phenomenal time and couldn't stop talking about how much they enjoyed the evening! BEST TEAM BUILDING EVENTS in town!!!"
- Michelle, AMEX
"This is an INCREDIBLE venue to host a corporate event- Wendy and Indira worked very closely with me to make sure the event fit all of our needs. They really take the time to teach you how to play the casino games too for newbies. All of our attendees said it was the BEST Work Event they've been to."
- Supreet K., EY
"Big Deal Casino delivered an amazing, fun, exciting and energetic release for our team, while providing us with exceptional entertainment, drinks, great food and a unique team-building experience...The dealers connected with everyone, performed card tricks, told jokes and enhanced the casino experience. I highly recommend Big Deal Casino to anyone looking to have a great time...BEST PARTY OF THE YEAR!!"
- Greg, Getty Images
"BEST NIGHT EVER. Have you ever seen a dealer heckle the players? Its hilarious! I've never laughed so hard. A+ all the way"
- Joe, Jump Trading
"When is the last time you said "I had fun at the company party"?? You'll actually say that if you have it at Big Deal Casino. ...I was looking for something different. I found not only different but so much better...This place is a LOT of FUN and I can't recommend it highly enough."
- Kathy, Willowridge Partners
"The event was amazing!!! Everybody enjoyed it so much! Your team does an excellent job and they are extremely service oriented- so warm, friendly and yet professional. Not only our CEO, but all our management and team members had a fabulous evening! The dealers, the atmosphere and the food- all were awesome! YOU DEFINITELY GET OUR THUMBS UP!"
- Smadar C., Panaya
"THE BEST HOLIDAY PARTY THIS COMPANY EVER HAD, not my words, but what I heard over and over again after our Holiday party this year at Big Deal Casino. I was looking for a fun idea for a holiday party instead of our usual nice sit down dinner. Wendy and Indira were super helpful and really took care of EVERYTHING. The music, atmosphere, food and drinks were all great, but what really made our event shine is the amazing team they have. The dealers were patient with those who did not know how to play, handed out "cheat sheets", and allowed everyone to be a winner. The only mistake...I only booked three hours- I should have made it four!!!"
- Maya C, ELAD Group
"We had our company holiday party at BDC and Wendy and Indira couldn't have been more attentive hosts. Everything was PERFECT - from the space to the dealers to the food. My only "complaint" is that things went so well, the night flew by No one was more impressed than our CEO. A direct quote, "I've attended literally 100s of company events and this was one of the VERY BEST."
- Russ, Socure
"If you are planning an event RUN, don't walk to Big Deal Casino NYC! BEST EVENT EVER!! The staff and the space are AWESOME! Couldn't have been a more perfect or memorable night! We're still smiling, sleep deprived but still smiling!"
- Laura M, Lambertville, NJ