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Frequently asked questions

Are there other events similar to this in NYC?

No, Big Deal is currently the only casino in NYC fake or otherwise! And we are the only Speakeasy Casino event in the country.


Do you have any standard packages?

Each event we do is custom. The price depends on how many guests attending, your food and drink choices and whether you want a buy out or a semi-private event. We don’t have a standard price as we have many options – that would be like going into a restaurant and asking how much it costs for a meal – it depends on what you order!

How do the “secret events” work?

Big Deal is a true speakeasy and specializes in “Secret Events.” That means that no one knows they are going to a casino; they are given directions to our location and a password to give our doorperson. Once they arrive, they are shepherded through our sketchy freight hallway and onto the old school freight elevator. Now, they are a little concerned as to where they are going, so when the gorgeous 1920’s Speakeasy Casino with palm trees and red velvet curtains is revealed, it is a jaw-dropping experience.

How many people do you hold?

We do events from as small as four people to over 100. If you have a smaller group, you can either buyout the space or hold a semi-private event where there would be other people in the casino with you. We believe that having semi-private smaller events is a great opportunity to meet new people and adds liveliness to the whole experience.

Can I see the space before I book?

Absolutely! We would love to show you the space and give you an idea of how your event would work in person before you book. If you are calling from out of town, you are welcome to send someone on your team to check it out!

Is this real money?

This is NOT real money. There is no actual gambling happening here. The chips are always free. Big Deal Casino is about bonding, learning to play and having a great time.


Can I host a poker game with my friends for real money at Big Deal?


No, you cannot. There are never any real money games at the casino.

Can you bring the casino to me?

Yes, we can bring tables and dealers to another location, be it your office, another venue or your home in Manhattan, any of the boroughs, or Long Island. However, to have the most exciting event we highly recommend having it at the actual 1920’s casino speakeasy. If you have the ability to your event or party at Big Deal, you absolutely should!