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Fun Team Building Activities

The team had a PHENOMENAL time and couldn’t stop talking about how much they enjoyed the evening! BEST TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY in town!!!”  


Start your “Secret Team Building Night” with a password and hidden entry into a true Prohibition-style Speakeasy casino.  Hit the jackpot of corporate events and host your team-building night out at Big Deal! Show your appreciation for your team by giving them the most fun night in town. Watch as they win big and know that your company is winning bigger as they bond over the incredible shared experience! Past clients who came again and again: Deloitte, JP Morgan Chase, AIG, Amazon and so many more. 

 Our exciting and interactive event space is perfect for team building activities for any group size and budget. Learn Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, and more alongside your coworkers and friends, while enjoying the ambiance of our 1920s-themed space!   

I book team building as part of my job and I’ve booked dozens of places and this was by far a top-tier event. Everyone had a blast!” 

-Flock Safety 

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Unleashing the Power of Team Building Activities: Why Companies Need Fun and Exciting Bonding Experiences

Imagine stepping into a world of intrigue, glamour, and adventure, where hidden secrets abound and fortune awaits at every turn. This is the thrilling atmosphere of a speakeasy, and it’s precisely the kind of environment that can elevate team building activities for work from mundane to magnificent. Team building is an essential ingredient for any successful company, and when combined with the excitement of a Casino speakeasy, it becomes an unforgettable experience that strengthens bonds, enhances communication, and promotes a positive work culture.

So, why exactly is a speakeasy more fun and enticing for team building activities? Let’s explore the reasons that make this theme a standout choice.

1.     Immersive and Captivating Experience: When it comes to team building, engagement is key. A speakeasy-themed event offers a unique and immersive experience that transports participants to a bygone era of clandestine bars and secret adventures. The allure of this prohibition-era setting captures the imagination and instantly adds a touch of excitement to the team building activities. As employees step into the hidden world of a speakeasy, they embark on a thrilling journey that encourages camaraderie, ignites their competitive spirit, and fosters a sense of shared adventure.

2.     Casino Games: A Perfect Team Building Example: One of the ways to infuse a speakeasy-themed team building event with even more fun is by incorporating casino games. Casinos have long been associated with excitement, strategy, and a healthy dose of competition. By incorporating popular casino games like blackjack, poker, or roulette into the team building activities, employees get to test their luck, exercise their strategic thinking, and engage in friendly competition. These games create a lively atmosphere where participants can bond over shared victories, cheer each other on, and celebrate successes. Moreover, the interactive nature of casino games encourages teamwork, as employees collaborate and strategize together to beat the odds.

3.     Enhancing Communication and Collaboration: Effective team building activities are designed to improve communication and foster collaboration among employees. A speakeasy-themed event achieves this by creating an environment that encourages open dialogue and teamwork. As participants navigate through the challenges and mysteries of the speakeasy casino, they must communicate, share ideas, and rely on each other’s strengths. This interactive and collaborative nature of the team building games promotes effective communication, builds trust among team members, and strengthens their ability to work together cohesively in the workplace.

4.     Fostering Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills: Team building activities that challenge individuals to think creatively and solve problems are invaluable for personal and professional growth. The speakeasy theme lends itself beautifully to such activities. Participants are immersed in a world that demands resourcefulness, creativity, and critical thinking. These experiences not only sharpen problem-solving skills but also encourage employees to think outside the box, approach challenges from different angles, and come up with innovative solutions. The creativity and problem-solving abilities honed during a speakeasy-themed team building event can be transferred to the workplace, leading to more efficient and innovative problem-solving on the job.

5.     Building Trust and Strengthening Relationships: Trust is the bedrock of any successful team. Team building activities, including speakeasy-themed events, offer a unique opportunity to build trust and foster stronger relationships among employees. As participants work together to overcome challenges and uncover secrets, they develop a deeper understanding of each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and working styles. These shared experiences create a bond of trust and camaraderie that can transcend the team building event and carry over into the workplace. The strengthened relationships and mutual support forged during a speakeasy-themed team building activity contribute to a positive work environment and promote collaboration and teamwork.

6.     Fun, Relaxation, and Work-Life Balance: Team building activities that are fun and enjoyable serve as a welcome respite from the everyday work routine. The speakeasy theme offers a break from the monotony, allowing employees to let loose, relax, and enjoy themselves. The immersive nature of the event creates a sense of escapism, where employees can temporarily forget about their work-related stress and responsibilities. By promoting fun, relaxation, and work-life balance, speakeasy-themed team building activities contribute to improved employee morale, well-being, and overall job satisfaction.

7.     Creating Lasting Memories and Shared Stories: One of the most memorable aspects of team building activities is the stories and memories that are created. A speakeasy-themed event provides a unique and unforgettable experience that employees will talk about long after the event is over. The shared challenges, victories, and laughter during the team building games create a sense of camaraderie and unity among participants. High -fiving at the blackjack table, everyong yelling for your number at Craps and it hits! These shared memories not only strengthen relationships within the team but also serve as a reminder of the fun and positive aspects of working together. Employees will reminisce about the speakeasy casino adventure, fostering a sense of belonging and creating a shared narrative that contributes to a strong team culture.

8.     Breaking Down Barriers and Hierarchies: Team building activities have the power to break down barriers and hierarchies within a company. In a speakeasy-themed casino event, employees from different departments or levels of seniority come together on equal footing to play together. This leveling effect promotes a sense of inclusivity and fosters a culture of collaboration and mutual respect. As individuals work side by side, titles and positions fade into the background, allowing for genuine connections to form. Breaking down barriers through team building contributes to a more cohesive and harmonious work environment.

9.     Encouraging Innovation and Risk-Taking: A speakeasy-themed casino team building event provides a safe space for employees to step outside their comfort zones and take risks. The immersive atmosphere encourages participants to think creatively, try new approaches, and take calculated risks to solve challenges. This fosters an environment of innovation and encourages employees to bring fresh ideas and perspectives into their daily work. The experience of navigating through a speakeasy teaches employees that taking risks can lead to rewards and inspires them to apply this mindset to their professional endeavors.

10.  Boosting Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction: Engaged employees are more likely to be productive, motivated, and loyal to their organizations. Team building activities play a significant role in boosting employee engagement and job satisfaction. The fun and excitement of a speakeasy-themed event create a sense of enthusiasm and energy among participants. When employees feel valued and enjoy their time together, they are more likely to be invested in their work and committed to the success of the company. Additionally, the positive relationships and bonds formed during team building activities contribute to a sense of belonging and increase overall job satisfaction.

11.  Improving Problem-Solving Skills: Team building activities, especially those within a speakeasy theme, provide an excellent platform for improving problem-solving skills. In a speakeasy environment, participants are faced with various challenges that require them to think critically and solve problems as a team. By honing their problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging setting, employees can transfer these newfound abilities to their work, leading to more efficient and effective problem-solving in the office.

12.  Enhancing Leadership Abilities: Team building activities often provide opportunities for employees to showcase their leadership skills and take charge of a team. In a speakeasy-themed event, individuals may naturally emerge as leaders, guiding their team through challenges, delegating tasks, and making strategic decisions. This environment allows employees to develop and refine their leadership abilities in a non-threatening and supportive atmosphere. By giving employees a chance to exercise their leadership skills during team building games, companies can identify potential leaders within their ranks and foster their growth and development.

13.  Boosting Employee Morale and Motivation: A fun and exciting team building activity like a speakeasy-themed event can significantly boost employee morale and motivation. When employees are engaged in enjoyable and interactive activities, they experience a sense of enthusiasm and renewed energy. The element of fun releases endorphins, creating a positive atmosphere and fostering a sense of well-being among participants. As a result, employees return to the workplace with heightened motivation and a more positive outlook. This increased morale can have a cascading effect, leading to higher levels of productivity, better teamwork, and an overall positive work environment.

14.  Creating Networking Opportunities: Team building activities provide a unique opportunity for employees from different departments or areas of the company to interact and connect. In a speakeasy-themed casino event, employees are encouraged to collaborate, communicate, and work together towards a common goal. This interaction promotes networking and relationship-building beyond one’s immediate team or department. Employees have the chance to meet new colleagues, learn about different roles within the company, and establish connections that can be beneficial in the future. By expanding their professional networks, employees gain a broader perspective of the organization and enhance their ability to collaborate effectively.

15.  Reinforcing Company Values and Culture: Team building activities, especially those aligned with a company’s values and culture, reinforce the organization’s identity and promote a sense of belonging. A speakeasy-themed event can be tailored to reflect the company’s core values, such as innovation, collaboration, or creativity. By infusing the event with elements that resonate with the company’s culture, employees can experience firsthand how those values translate into action. This reinforcement of values and culture fosters a stronger connection between employees and the organization, leading to a shared sense of purpose and a greater commitment to achieving common goals.

In conclusion, team building is an integral part of building a successful company, and the choice of activities can greatly influence its effectiveness. A speakeasy-themed Casino team building event brings a touch of excitement, mystery, and camaraderie to the table. By providing an immersive and captivating experience, incorporating casino games for extra fun, enhancing communication and collaboration, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills, building trust, and promoting relaxation and work-life balance, speakeasy-themed team building activities create a vibrant and positive work culture. So, why settle for ordinary team building when you can embark on an extraordinary adventure in a speakeasy world? Cheers to unlocking the true potential of your team and embracing the joy of team building!