Beginning Texas Hold’em for Women
Leave the boys at home. Start here to learn the basics: Basic Play, Hand Ranking, Terms & Jargon, Hand Selection, Basic Mechanics, Betting, Position Position Position, Raising, The Flop, The Turn, The River, Bluffing.

Skill Level: Beginner
Price : $175 | On Sale Now for $95


Poker for Women
Men don’t understand us in real life and it’s no different at the poker table. Because of that, us girls have a big advantage. Learn how to use your feminine wiles and superior deductive skills against the male players who try to bully, bluff and generally run us over at the poker table. Some points covered: Inducing Bluffs, Check Raise Bluff.

All skill levels welcome:
Price : $175 | On Sale Now for $85


Private Coaching for All Skill Levels
With in-depth game evaluation

instruction: 3 hours
Price: $299 by appointment

All classes include light snacks and one beer/wine if over 21 or non-alcoholic drink if under 21.